Digital factory – methods and application areas

The Digital Factory integrates innovative tools and methods into the conventional planning process. This results in an increase in planning quality, a reduction in planning costs and a shortening of planning time. This is made possible by a steadily increasing amount of data and more powerful computers and software. In order to understand which methods bring about an improvement at which point, it helps to classify the methods. Accordingly, there are data collection methods, artificial intelligence methods, visualization methods, simulation methods and planning methods. Bross define the digital factory according to the VDI 4499 standard.

Logistics concept
More efficiency of your factory through a logistics concept
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Methods of the digital factory

The Digital Factory methods are a collection of tools for digitizing the factory. Artificial intelligence, for example. It supports robots in navigation and localization with the help of cloud-based systems. The Digital Factory combines human-machine interaction approaches. Collaborative robots are increasingly being used. 3D camera systems and sensor technology report intrusion into protective fences, for example. This makes it safe for employees to stay in the shared workspace without collaborative character. Generative manufacturing is used to produce components and tools for production. Augumented reality links the real and virtual worlds as an assistance system. Virtual reality is used to simulate manufacturing processes and commission equipment virtually. In the topics of digitization, robotics, automation technology and mechatronics, the Digital Factory forms the foundation. Bross keeps track for you.

The digital factory as a tool for planning

Since Digital Factories are an important tool not only for planning, but also for ongoing factory operations, the areas of application are broad. They range from project management to service and maintenance, sales and order entry, distribution and external logistics, start-up management, assembly and commissioning of manufacturing equipment, external and internal logistics, and the various requirements of the market.

Warehouse planning
Warehouse planning supported by the Digital Factory
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Use of the methods along the factory life cycle

The use of tools and methods is not limited to factory planning. They are also used throughout the entire life cycle, including operations such as the control of production processes. Ultimately, the goal is the holistic planning of all processes and resources. Furthermore, the focus is on digital transformation, control and improvement of processes. The fields of application for the digital factory are broadly diversified. They range from manufacturing and assembly to logistics. Other topics and digital methods are also included. These include the digital twin and BIM

Digital factory – optimizing the customer order process

A digital factory is the virtual planning and operational management of plants and factories. In this way, processes can be visualized and simulated, which in turn allows processes to be optimized. The Digital Factory can thus also be seen as a network in which digital models and methods are carried out through 3D visualization. In this way, the planning and realization of a factory can be made as vivid as the control and improvement of work processes, as well as resources in relation to the product to be manufactured. The main focus is on speed, efficiency, sustainability and increased flexibility. The result is sustainable success and ultimately the optimization of customer order processes.

Inventory optimization
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Data Analytics
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The digital factory also for SMEs

A digital factory is not only beneficial for large companies, small and medium-sized enterprises also benefit from it. If you have become friends with the idea of a digital factory, please contact us. We are your competent partner for factory planning and the digital factory and are happy to share our many years of experience with you.