Automation technology - mit Bross Consulting Engineers

Automation technology is multifaceted. For example, so that a new vehicle can be created on a production line, a wide variety of robots, processing machines and transport systems are required, each with their associated controllers. Drives must be synchronized, welding heads positioned and robots controlled. All the data for this is brought together in the automation system. Modern process control systems, development and diagnostic tools enable the operator to access all data. Communication systems ensure the smooth exchange of information between sensors, controllers and actuators within individual processing stations and far beyond. To keep production running, many computers, controllers and intelligent sensors must work together. By selecting the right components, configuring them correctly and developing the appropriate automation software, our engineers ensure that this cooperation functions smoothly.

Automation as the key to economical operation

In many industries, economic operation is only achieved by achieving a high level of automation. One of the reasons for this is that automation technology ensures reliable processes. The runtimes of automation projects are becoming shorter and shorter. The required functionality and complexity are increasing while market conditions are becoming more price-sensitive. Standardized and modular solutions are in demand. Our consulting engineers are involved in automation projects from product development, testing and validation to application and adaptation to the target environment. Consistent documentation, as well as certification aspects complete our portfolio. Applications in Industry 4.0, Smart Factory and infrastructure aspects such as configuration, communication, data handling as well as interaction of systems and components are also fields of performance that we master.

Our know-how for your automation solution

In the coming years, robotics and automation technology, networking, modularization, standardization and energy efficiency will be the dominant trends in industry. As a technology specialist, we bring the necessary experience to meet these trends and develop economical solutions for future challenges. For example, in the area of switchgear construction, we can support you with assembly, wiring and functional testing. Our know-how ranges from small switch boxes to large switchgear systems. We support automation solutions, for example, for pump controls, water treatment and production plants and conveyor technology.