Trends in the electronics industry

State of the art in the electronics industry

We show you the trends in the electronics industry

Trends in the electronics industry are characterized by rapid investment and innovation. The digital economy supported the development of many electronic devices. These include smartphones, watches, televisions, refrigerators, security systems and, of course, environmentally friendly electric vehicles. Bross supports not only the electronics and high-tech industry but also its suppliers to meet changing conditions. Clients include leading electronics manufacturers and high-tech companies.

Current trends in the electronics industry

Virtual reality in manufacturing

Virtual reality technology is being used by electronics manufacturing companies to improve manufacturing efficiency. This development is one of many trends in the electronics industry that will continue. This technology in electronics manufacturing is often referred to as digital design, simulation and integration. Virtual reality technology allows companies to inspect design objects at every conceivable scale, eliminating defects in the product at the design stage.


IoT is arguably one of the biggest trends in the electronics industry. Home appliance manufacturers are integrating their products with IoT technology to make life convenient for customers. IoT technology is the networking of physical objects and devices integrated with sensors and software that enable them to share and collect data. Key smart home technologies include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Low Energy, micro servers and micro-electromechanical systems.

Outsourcing the use of resources

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are increasingly outsourcing product design and development processes to Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) partners. EMS companies are providing more design services for subassemblies and finished products. OEMs are working with EMS partners and relying on new models such as Joint Design Manufacturing (JDM) and Outsourcing Design Manufacturing (ODM).

Robotics & automation

One of the other trends in the electronics industry is automation. Many electronic equipment companies are using robotics and automation to improve the efficiency and productivity of their equipment. Sensors are being used in various machines to access invaluable data to improve efficiency and reduce potential downtime, indicating an increase in the adoption of automation and robotics technology to improve productivity and reduce production costs.