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Holistic logistics consulting by Bross

The competitiveness of your company stands and falls with the quality, costs and efficiency of your logistics processes. It is therefore important to optimize logistics processes as far as possible and at the same time to integrate them optimally into the overall process of the company. However, this requires corresponding practical experience. As a logistics consultancy, we at Bross provide you with this many years of experience in the optimization of logistics processes. Our comprehensive know-how enables us to think and act flexibly in order to make your logistics an efficient building block of your company. We advise companies of all types and from all industries to optimize warehouse and logistics processes with modern and up-to-date methods, without losing sight of practicality.

Flexible logistics consultants for your business success

Requirements and initial situations sometimes change very quickly, especially in the field of logistics. Our logistics consulting therefore aims, among other things, to develop processes that can be flexibly and quickly adapted to a changed environment as needed. As logistics consultants, we therefore stand for designing logistics solutions in such a way that they meet the requirements of rapidly and constantly changing markets and supply situations. Among other things, this means that as logistics consultants we use state-of-the-art methods to simulate the effects of new logistics processes in advance. In this way, we are always able to adapt them perfectly to the individual requirements of your company.

Logistics consulting & active on-site support

In our function as logistics consultants, we do not limit ourselves to theoretical analyses, but also let you, the customer, benefit from our extensive practical experience. We support your responsible employees on site in introducing new logistics processes and successfully putting them into practice. In this way, we help to drive improvements quickly and efficiently, so that your company benefits from the positive effects within the shortest possible time. In doing so, our logistics consultants work closely with your employees and naturally take into account their individual experience related to your company in all measures.

Our services in the field of logistics consulting

By developing distribution strategies that are individually tailored to your company, we help you reduce your logistics costs and optimize the processes for delivering your goods and merchandise. Using powerful benchmarking software, we analyze the costs, performance and quality of your entire logistics operations to determine your current competitive position. In doing so, we uncover all optimization potential and provide starting points for the measures and processes to be introduced. Our logistics consultants help you to find the right logistics service providers with the help of strategic tenders. For optimized warehouse logistics, we as logistics consultants analyze layouts as well as processes and the existing technology of your logistics area. We then show you potential for improvement and provide practical suggestions for the conversion, expansion or new construction of logistics facilities and warehouses.

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If you would like to optimize your logistics processes, we are at your disposal as experienced logistics consultants. Our experienced logistics planners create a plan in compliance with all relevant standards and guidelines. Contact us and arrange a non-binding initial consultation appointment with us.

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