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Value-added consulting for your production

Bross is a competent and innovative production consultancy for all topics related to production. We understand production as a place of value creation. In order to be able to produce values economically, processes must run efficiently and effectively. In accordance with the principles of lean production, our primary concern is to reduce waste in the production of our clients. Waste occurs wherever human and material resources are used more than necessary. For example, through unnecessary walking distances, superfluous movements and long throughput times. To prevent waste from occurring in the first place, our material flow and production planning is based on the mechanisms of lean production, such as the pull principle.

We are your competent production consulting

The overarching discipline of our production consulting is factory planning. In recent years, this has been supplemented by the methods of the digital factory. Further consulting services in the area of production include assembly planning and the selection and procurement of production technology for our clients. We ensure low-waste operation with a mindset of continuous improvement through operational excellence. To ensure that your project becomes a success story, we also take on project management throughout the entire factory lifecycle.

New opportunities through networked production

Former industrial production is evolving from a patchwork of isolated machines into a networked and intelligent mesh. Networked production forms the core of the Industry 4.0 megatrend. For a better understanding, we divide this trend into several levels. From the component level to the network of companies. The components of the products of smart production are information carriers. They communicate with employees and machines and exchange status data via sensors. This provides us with information about capacity utilization or tool wear, for example. Changing market requirements such as individual products in small quantities are accelerating this trend in the long term. Networking makes the factory more flexible and resilient, making it possible to achieve prices for individual products that are comparable to those of mass production. In addition to intelligence at the interface, new technologies such as additive manufacturing are gradually replacing established processes. At the enterprise level, Industry 4.0 aims at self-controlling order processing through cyber-physical production systems.

State-of-the-art production consulting

We use the latest digital tools for our planning. For example, we use innovative factory planning software and programs for calculating production capacities. In addition, we use Virtual Cardboard Engineering for detailed workplace design. With the help of this method, it is possible to develop optimal workplaces in virtual space together with your production experts. Our planning in production and logistics is supported by digitalization experts from Bross with modern data analyses such as data mining or artificial intelligence models.

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