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Lean production is a collective term for various methods and approaches, similar to the term Industry 4.0. The aim is to use the existing production factors of operating resources, personnel, materials, planning and organization economically and time-efficiently. In this way, a production approach based on the principle of economic efficiency is achieved. Lean Production was first used by Toyota and other companies in Japan. The realization that the customer is only prepared to pay for added value meant that non-value-adding activities were to be minimized, and ideally even eliminated. A clear assignment to one of the four phases of industry mentioned above is not possible. Rather, the use of lean production extends from mass production through automation into today’s production environment. Frequently used methods include Just-in-Time (JIT) and Just-in-Sequence (JIS) as well as the 5A method, PDCA cycle, Poka Yoke, Kanban, CIP and many more.

Why is lean production important?

Lean Production cannot be assigned to a time period, but is much more to be understood as a basic idea that transcends time and areas. There are many different areas of application, for which at least one method or approach can usually be selected, depending on the desired goal. How can the diverse potentials for increasing the efficiency of processes and workflows and for reducing costs be exploited? The individual methods differ in terms of the effort and complexity involved in implementation. Improvements in the direction of waste-free value creation are possible at any time. Even if it seems that an improvement brings only a minimal positive effect, this should be implemented. Because several “small” improvements together can lead to the desired end result.

Selected methods of lean production

Due to the large number of methods and approaches that are summarized under the term lean production, Bross provides you with an overview of the methods that should be used in your company in a targeted manner. Here, the focus is on approaches that can be implemented quickly and with little effort. Get in touch with our lean experts.

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