Value Stream Design

Value stream design (VSD) deals broadly with business process steps. The value stream can be, for example, the flow of a production or service. And this from the procurement of material, the production and its processes as well as the delivery to the customer. By the way, this system of evaluation also applies to services.
Value stream is the term used to describe the entire production or service process. And this from the first step to the final claim of a customer. This is the detailed pan of the production or service, which helps to eliminate unnecessary waiting or idle times and to successfully provide its products or services. Through the value stream and its analysis, production processes can not only be improved, but also totally changed.

What is a value stream mapping?

A value stream mapping refers to the method of improving process flows in production or service. Through a value stream analysis, unnecessary time sequences or possible losses are reduced. This value stream analysis is the first step in the so-called production process and always shows the actual state. In the value stream analysis everything is shown in detail from the first to the last step and thus an optimization, no matter in which area it might be necessary, can be carried out. The term originally comes from business administration and there again from the area of product planning and product control. The precise planning and control of production or service is a cornerstone to successfully manage a company.

Value stream design from supplier to distribution

Value stream design is the second step in value stream management. This determines and shows the target state of the production or production process. The value stream design thus describes how the processes should run from the purchase of the material and production to storage and delivery to the customer.
A plan fixed according to these records records everything necessary to eliminate unnecessary storage or delivery times. This eliminates losses and can improve productivity enormously. In summary, everything related to production or service is defined under the above terms. A good plan and detailed records provide exact processes that can be verified at any time. Value stream management and mapping are business management tools to make the value of a process clear.

Making complex processes in the company visible with value stream mapping

The value stream mapping summarizes all activities of a process that are of absolute necessity. Regardless of whether this involves the creation of a product or the provision of a service. Value stream mapping also includes areas of production or services that are located or performed abroad. The value stream design offers a clear overview, which enables to observe cost reduction, risk as well as loss limitations better!