SAP EWM is the leading software for warehouse management

SAP Extended Warehouse Management is the world’s leading standard application for warehouse management. The clear message from SAP to its customers: SAP EWM will be further expanded & supported. This provides security that new functionalities, logistical requirements, IT architectures and innovative warehouse technologies will also be added and supported in the future. Furthermore, it always speaks for SAP that it is software from the software manufacturer and not from the machine builder. Every year, new functions are “automatically” available with the releases. Secure ongoing support is provided by SAP as the manufacturer as well as by the large partner landscape (implementation/service partners). The SAP source code is open and with >20 SAP EWM partners in German-speaking countries alone, support is always available. These partnerships also result in new functionalities e.g. CEP solution or route train. In addition, SAP EWM has fully standard-compliant interfaces at the SAP ERP and PLC level. This means that the interfaces are market standard and fully coordinated with each other. This offers stability, security and independence from system suppliers for current and future acquisitions.

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Raising dormant potentials with SAP EWM

SAP EWM offers many standard processes that may be relevant for your business processes or business model tomorrow (e-commerce solutions, new regulatory requirements…). In addition, SAP EWM offers standard integration to the SAP products TM (Transport Management) and ME/MII (SAP Manufacturing).

Fit for the future with SAP EWM

With SAP EWM you are fully aligned for the SAP future. SAP EWM fully supports SAP’s HANA and S/4HANA strategy i.e. your company is already investing in its future with SAP EWM.

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