Your general planner for comprehensive general planning

As the general planner, Bross Consulting Engineers coordinates all planning and construction processes and ensures that all phases of the project mesh seamlessly. We are able to take on complex projects from planning to construction, ensuring the project is built to the highest standards.
Bross Consulting Engineers works closely with clients and other project stakeholders to ensure all requirements and needs are addressed. The company attaches great importance to the quality and sustainability of its projects and integrates these principles into its planning and consulting.
In summary, Bross Consulting Engineers distinguishes itself as a general planner through its comprehensive professional competence, its many years of experience, its close cooperation with customers and project participants as well as its commitment to quality and sustainability.

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What is a general planner?

A general planner is a technical expert who takes over the coordination and planning of a construction project. This includes working with various specialist planners to ensure that all aspects of a project are brought together into a single, coherent plan. Bross Consulting Engineers has many years of experience in general planning and master planning and ensures that every project is implemented successfully and efficiently.

What are the advantages of working with general planning?

Working with a general planner offers numerous advantages for builders, investors and project developers. This includes:

  • Efficiency: A general planner coordinates all specialist planners and individual planners, which speeds up the planning and construction process and makes it more efficient. This central control reduces the likelihood of delays and misunderstandings.
  • Communication: Working together with a general planner simplifies communication between the various parties involved. The general planner acts as the central contact person, which facilitates coordination and the transfer of information, thus speeding up the decision-making process.
  • Cost control: A general planner always keeps an eye on the total costs of the project and helps to ensure that the budget is adhered to. Thanks to his experience, he can identify possible cost risks at an early stage and initiate appropriate countermeasures.
  • Quality Assurance: The general planner is responsible for maintaining the quality standards of the project.

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What are possible disadvantages of a general planner?

While there are many benefits to working with a general contractor, there are also some potential downsides to consider:

  • Costs: In some cases, general planning can be more expensive than directly hiring individual planners, since the costs for coordination and planning services are added. However, an experienced general planner can often achieve total cost savings through more efficient planning and project management.
  • Dependency: Working with a general planner means that the client or project developer is more dependent on a single party. If the general planner does not provide his services as agreed, this can affect the entire project. It is therefore important when selecting a general planner to pay attention to their experience and references.
  • Loss of control: Some builders or project developers would like to maintain closer contact with the individual specialist planners or be more involved in the planning processes themselves. When working with a general planner, this can be limited because he takes over the coordination and communication between the specialist planners.

What is a general planner contract?

If we agree on the project content, the schedule, the procedure and the commercial components, then we conclude a general planning contract. A general planner contract is a contractual agreement between a builder or project developer and a general planner. This contract defines the services, responsibilities and duties of the general planner in the context of a specific construction project or project. The general planning contract regulates, among other things:

  • Scope of services: The contract describes in detail the services that the general planner is to provide as part of the project. This includes the planning, coordination and monitoring of the various specialist planners and individual planners involved in the project.
  • Remuneration: The remuneration of the general planner is regulated in the general planner contract. This can be agreed on the basis of a fixed price, a flat rate or as a percentage of the project costs. In addition, adjustments to the remuneration can be provided for changes in the scope of services or the duration of the project.
  • Liability and warranty: The contract defines the liability of the general planner for any defects or delays in the project. A liability limit can also be set here

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Which specialist planners does the general planner coordinate?

Bross Consulting Engineers has a large network consisting of various specialist planners, which we coordinate as general planning. Technical planners are specialists who specialize in certain areas of the planning and construction process. Within the framework of a construction project, different specialist planners may be required to cover all aspects of the project. Here are some of the key professional planners working in the construction industry:

  • Architects: Architects design buildings and create detailed building plans that meet the aesthetic, functional, and technical requirements of a project.
  • Structural Engineers: Structural engineers are responsible for planning and calculating the structural framework of a building to ensure the structure’s stability and safety.
  • TGA planner (technical building equipment): TGA planners are responsible for the planning and integration of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, sanitary and electrical installations in a building.
  • Landscape architects: Landscape architects design outdoor spaces such as gardens, parks and open spaces and integrate them into the overall concept of a building project.
  • Fire protection planner: A fire protection planner is a technical expert who has specialized in the planning and implementation of fire protection concepts in building projects.

Why is Bross Consulting Engineers your suitable general planner?

Bross Consulting Engineers offers numerous advantages that distinguish us as your ideal general planner. Here are some reasons why you should choose us as your general planning and master planning partner:

  • Experience and expertise: Bross Consulting Engineers has many years of experience in the general planning and master planning of construction projects of all kinds and sizes. Our experts are very familiar with the current requirements and laws that are relevant for the planning and implementation of construction projects.
  • Comprehensive range of services: As a general planner, we offer you a comprehensive range of services that covers all aspects of your building project. We coordinate all the specialist planners involved, such as architects, structural engineers, technical building services planners and fire protection planners, and ensure that all planning meshes seamlessly.
  • Individual support: At Bross Consulting Engineers, we attach great importance to individual support for our customers. We take the time to understand your wishes and requirements and develop tailor-made solutions that are precisely tailored to your needs

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