Trends in the automotive industry

State of the art in the automotive industry with Bross

Trends in production and logistics in the automotive industry

Forward-looking technologies such as automated and autonomous driving, intelligent infotainment and electromobility are currently forcing the automotive industry to rethink. In this context, the biggest trends in the automotive industry represent electromobility with the electrification of the powertrain and a new intelligent material mix. As a result, OEMs and suppliers have to adapt not only their business model but also their physical plant structure and production processes to these trends. This is due to the lower value added depth of electric cars, other manufacturing technologies and the possible degree of automation.

New production systems in the automotive industry

There are also radical changes in the production systems of the automotive industry. The cycle line once introduced by Henry Ford will be successively replaced by intelligent and flexible production stations. Bross supports its customers in recognizing the effects of the trends and in conceptualizing and initiating suitable measures.

Current trends in the automotive industry

Intelligent infotainment

The driver should receive as much information as necessary, but as little as possible. This also includes the low-interference integration of the latest smartphone functions in all vehicle classes. This is to be implemented using innovative technologies from the information and entertainment sector with the aim of ensuring a holistic human-machine dialog.


One of the biggest trends in the automotive industry is electromobility. Vehicles are becoming even more efficient through the increasing networking of electrification and existing drive technology, as well as the use of software and an intelligent mix of materials. The goal is modular, energy-saving, clean mobility solutions for all vehicle classes.

Autonomous driving

Another of the trends in the automotive industry is automated driving. In the future, the networking of intelligent technologies will ensure that the task of driving will be taken over by vehicle electronics on more and more routes.


Entire industries are changing as a result of digitization. For the automotive industry, in addition to driving dynamics and consumption, perceived intelligence, comfort and convenience of the vehicle are changing. Cars are even becoming intelligent enough to understand what drivers want to do by tracking their eye movements.